Did this make me smarter?

I finally read John Brockman‘s “This Will Make You Smarter“. It is a collection of short essays by many well-known thinkers and researchers on concepts that would improve how we think about the world, and by doing so, would make us smarter.

It was a fun read, and I found myself in strong agreement with many of the essays. It is hard to say if I learned anything new from this, though – the essays (unsurprisingly, given their lengths and target audience) only manage to bring up some important points to be aware of and think about, but do not provide deep analysis. Most of these points would not be news to scientists or to people with a scientific mindset.

Nevertheless, I don’t feel that reading this book was a waste of time. Similar to many self-help classics, the ideas may all seem familiar and sometimes even trivial, but the repeated exposure through reading this book is still valuable in reinforcing these important concepts in the reader’s mind, and in the way they are presented by intelligent people who thought about them a lot.

So, did it make me smarter? Perhaps not. But it made my blog one post richer. And I enjoyed both reading the book and writing about it, so I’d say that was a good read.


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